Quantum Healing


About quantum healing sessions with Tatiana

These programs are based on my experience in bioresonance. At some point, I realised I can sense things when I connect with someone—with their permission, of course. At first, it surprised and confused me. But as I practised, both myself and those I helped noticed they felt better afterwards, even if they were far away. It took me a while to feel comfortable sharing this with others. Basically, I tune into your biofield and make adjustments on a deep level.

We will work together to identify and release blockages which will allow me to help you reprogram your subconscious and help you achieve the life you want.

What is a quantum session?

It’s a deep dive into the subconscious, where we unravel harmful patterns and memories. By tapping into your higher consciousness and using quantum tools (some of which I’ve developed myself), we cleanse the quantum field. This involves reshaping its configuration to naturally attract positive experiences aligned with your desires. And every step of the way, your higher consciousness guides the process, ensuring it’s all for your highest good.

Blockages are released from the superconscious level and then manifest in your physical body as reactions governed by quantum cellular fields. These quantum processes impact every aspect of your being—physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual. By making changes on all these levels at once with superconscious work, we create big shifts in how things are, which can lead to improvements in different parts of life, depending on how ready you are for healing.
At times, these leaps just change how you see reality, affecting the world you create for yourself—an important thing to understand because what we think and feel shapes our reality. In sessions, we uncover lots of beliefs, filters, defences, emotions, and outside influences. We also deal with inherited traumas from family, nationality, gender, past lives, or what’s going on in the world.

During our session, I might tap into the quantum field to understand why certain obstacles or issues show up in your life. This deeper self-awareness helps you let go of emotions and blockages, and then we work on decoding them. But sometimes, we can decode and fix blockages without knowing exactly where they came from. Your subconsciousness guides each step of the process, and I communicate closely with it to ensure that the changes which are made in your subconscious match your readiness.

Wondering about the effects of these sessions?

Despite numerous cases of impactful transformations, I can’t promise immediate desired effects. Transformation can occur gradually over time, and effects may not always be immediately noticeable. Trusting the process and remaining open to unexpected outcomes is crucial for maximising the session’s effectiveness. Subsequent sessions are advisable at intervals of 2-4 weeks or longer, depending on your individual needs.

After a session, it’s essential to prioritise self-care. I recommend putting your feet in salt water to ground yourself, drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, going for a walk to connect with nature, and simply being good to yourself. Remember, you’ve just undergone a powerful process of change, so take the time to nurture yourself and honour the journey you’re on.

What happens during a quantum session? Let me break it down for you.

Quantum sessions are like unlocking doors to various aspects of life—health, relationships, work, finances, you name it. They’ve brought about incredible transformations for countless individuals worldwide, as well as those who’ve experienced my sessions firsthand.

1 quantum healing session

Before your session please ensure you are hydrated. Sessions are conducted on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Please note that online bookings are for online and overseas clients. If you are local please contact me directly at tatiana.slezak@gmail.com 

45 minute – 1.5 hour Session: AUD$150 (about USD $99)

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