bioresonance sessions

What exactly is bioresonance?

Your body is a complex network of 37 trillion cells, each emitting its own unique frequency. When a cell is healthy and functioning optimally, it emits a specific frequency. Conversely, when it is unwell or imbalanced, it emits a different frequency.

Bioresonance is a holistic and non-invasive approach to restoring balance to your body’s energy field. I use electrodes and the mat behind your back to emit the energy field. You won’t feel anything, although some people have reported warmth and sometimes seeing colours, depending on their sensitivity. However, there is no right or wrong. The Bicom device, in turn, emits counter-balancing frequencies to help you achieve energetic equilibrium.

In the image to the right, you can see the Bicom machine beside me, and I am holding the sensor, which is used to determine the specific frequencies needed for your session.

My Passion and Origin Story

My journey into the world of bioresonance began with a deeply personal experience. When my daughter was seven years old, she struggled with persistent skin issues. Traditional treatments provided limited relief, and we were searching for alternative solutions. That’s when we discovered bioresonance therapy back in Poland.

After a series of sessions, my daughter returned from her treatment abroad in Australia with remarkably clearer skin. This transformative experience ignited my passion for bioresonance therapy and its potential to bring about positive change in people’s lives.

My unique approach

When you come, I would usually ask you to lie down on a comfortable couch for your sessions, which typically last between 45 minutes to an hour. I also offer additional sessions for energy clearing, designed to remove any lingering blockages and enhance the overall healing process.

Before your first session, we conduct a short interview to gain insights into your specific needs and ensure your safety throughout the process. It’s essential to emphasize that Bioresonance therapy is never a replacement for medically proven diagnostic or treatment technologies. My goal is to complement existing healthcare practices and provide an alternative path to well-being.

In-person and online sessions

I offer both in-person and online sessions. To book an in-person session please contact me directly at: tatiana.slezak@gmail.com or via Instagram. They are located in Hawthorn, Melbourne.

I offer online sessions to clients all over the world from Australia, to America, to Poland, to Indonesia.
The first session costs $120. This is where I will do an overall check-up and stabilise your frequencies to remove any blockages and ensure your body is ready to receive any new frequencies.
The next sessions cost $100, and this is where I will use the bicom device to delve deeper into your biological field.

Important notes:

Confidentiality: We maintain strict confidentiality regarding all client information, discussions, and records. Your privacy is of utmost importance, and we adhere to professional standards to safeguard your personal and health-related data.

Informed Consent: Before any sessions or treatments, we ensure that clients fully understand the process, potential benefits, and any associated risks. Informed consent is essential, and we encourage open communication to address any questions or concerns.

Ethical Guidelines: Our practice adheres to ethical guidelines established by relevant professional bodies and organizations. We conduct our services with integrity, honesty, and transparency.