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Are you feeling lost and unsure of how to progress on your self-development journey?

Do you sometimes feel like you are stuck in a fog?
Look no further than this transformative book. With relatable anecdotes and personal experience, the author illustrates the essential concepts of self-discipline, self-love, and self-care, offering practical strategies to help you apply them in your daily life. Unlike typical motivational guides, this book emphasises the significance of savouring the journey and provides a refreshing perspective on achieving personal growth.

The author’s tough love approach reminds us that life is not always easy but encourages us to be kind to ourselves as we strive towards our goals. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your life with the help of this inspiring read.
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Elevate Your Well-being:


Elevate Your Well-being:


Bioresonance is a holistic and non-invasive approach to energy balancing. Your body has 37 trillion cells, and each of those cells emits a frequency. When a cell is healthy and functioning, it emits a certain frequency but when it is sick it emits a different frequency. I use an energy wavelength machine called Bicom, which detects frequencies to then emit a counter-balancing frequency which supports your body’s natural self-healing process. I offer remote sessions. For in person sessions please contact me directly.
Note: Bioresonance should never be used to replace any medically proven diagnostic or treatment technology.


This program is based on Body Codes, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is a powerful holistic healing approach that delves deep into your body’s energy system. I offer quantum healing sessions over Zoom. This method is designed to identify and release emotional blockages and trapped emotions that may be affecting your overall well-being. During these sessions, we’ll work together to uncover and release these hidden barriers that could be preventing you from living your happiest life and achieving your full potential.

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15 | Finding your feminine when you’re in a fog with Tatiana Slezak

Tatiana shares about how her upbringing and move across the world to a different culture has allowed her to appreciate the value of the feminine as an important element of self discipline and turn on.

S1E15 – o tym jaką wartość czasem ma 50 dolarów, o uzależnieniu od jedzenia i wychodzeniu z mgły

Moja dzisiejsza gościni to Kobieta, która jest niewątpliwie siłaczką, a do tego poczułam z Nią niezwykłe połączenie. Cudownie się rozmawiało, a lekkość z jaką przychodzi jej opowiadać o trudach jest totalnie niezwykła.

Błogosławione Dno – Sekielski o nałogach

“Siedząc na łóżku, zaczęły mi łzy lecieć bo polikach, bo czułam się tak pełna po obiedzie, a ręka mi chodziła sama. Ja prosiłam tę rękę, żeby się zatrzymała.To było tak surrealistyczne… ja nie miałam żadnej kontroli nad tym co wchodzi mi do ust”. O uzależnieniu od jedzenia opowiada Tatiana Ślęzak.

#13 – TATIANA SLEZAK Solif – سولف

Tatiana is an Author, bioresonance praticioner and self-help guru.
Fedele and Tatiana discuss her book “HOW TO GET OUT OF THE FOG” and bioresonance
Topics discussed in this episode: self-help, self-development, personal growth and more…

Ep 46 – The secret to success and finding the right partner with Tatiana Slezak 

WOW. You want to know the secret to success and finding the right partner? This is for 15 years and over only!
Tatiana Slezak is the author of her amazing book How To Get Out Of The Fog and she is a bioresonance Practitioner.
This is a very real and candid chat on all things energy, discipline and how to ask God for what you want without the BS.

Episode 2 – Unveiling Self-Discovery: A Conversation with Tatiana Slezak

Join us as we explore Tatiana’s transformative book, “How to Get Out of the Fog,” and uncover the secrets to reclaiming our sense of self-worth and nurturing our inner selves. This episode isn’t just about tips and tricks; it’s a heartfelt journey towards healing and empowerment.



Hi I’m Tatiana,

I’m here to be your guide on the journey to a better you. As an author, self-discipline/self-care mentor, accredited bioresonance and body codes practitioner, Healy representative, and a loving mother and wife, I wear many hats. But my true passion lies in helping you find balance and well-being in your life.




As we drift off to sleep, our last thought becomes our first thought upon waking. That’s why I’ve created a special recording where I personally guide you through a transformative journey of letting go, closing the past, and allowing your mind and body to relax fully. Trust me, the difference it can make is astounding! When you prioritise quality sleep and nurture your inner self, you awaken refreshed with clarity and vitality.