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Are you feeling lost and unsure of how to progress on your self-development journey?

Do you sometimes feel like you are stuck in a fog?
Look no further than this transformative book. With relatable anecdotes and personal experience, the author illustrates the essential concepts of self-discipline, self-love, and self-care, offering practical strategies to help you apply them in your daily life. Unlike typical motivational guides, this book emphasises the significance of savouring the journey and provides a refreshing perspective on achieving personal growth.

The author’s tough love approach reminds us that life is not always easy but encourages us to be kind to ourselves as we strive towards our goals. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your life with the help of this inspiring read.
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Intuitive Healing Sessions

Our sessions involve a deep dive into the subconscious to unravel harmful patterns and memories. By tapping into your higher consciousness and using specially developed quantum tools, we cleanse and reshape the quantum field to naturally attract positive experiences aligned with your desires. And every step of the way, your higher consciousness guides the process, ensuring it’s all for your highest good.


Along side intuitive healing I use Bioresonance. This is a holistic and non-invasive approach to energy balancing. Your body has 37 trillion cells, and each of those cells emits a frequency. When a cell is healthy and functioning, it emits a certain frequency but when it is sick it emits a different frequency. I use an energy wavelength machine called Bicom, which detects frequencies to then emit a counter-balancing frequency which supports your body’s natural self-healing process. For remote or in person sessions please contact me directly.
Note: Bioresonance should never be used to replace any medically proven diagnostic or treatment technology.


15 | Finding your feminine when you’re in a fog with Tatiana Slezak

S1E15 – o tym jaką wartość czasem ma 50 dolarów, o uzależnieniu od jedzenia i wychodzeniu z mgły

Błogosławione Dno – Sekielski o nałogach

#13 – TATIANA SLEZAK Solif – سولف

Ep 46 – The secret to success and finding the right partner with Tatiana Slezak 

Episode 2 – Unveiling Self-Discovery: A Conversation with Tatiana Slezak

Hi I’m Tatiana

My interest in self-development has been a constant throughout my life. I can vividly recall my high school days, listening to Louise Hay’s wisdom on cassette tapes, always on the lookout for practical solutions to life’s challenges. This was instilled in me by my mother.

Now, as a wife, mother, author, and busy entrepreneur, I understand that I can’t afford to dwell in ‘la-la land.’ This realisation led me to write my book, where I share practical insights and methods for everyday life.

In my practice I’ve carefully selected what I believe to be the two most effective methods: Bioresonance and Intuitive Healing and often I mix those two together. These are not just theories; they’re practices that I’ve personally tested and integrated into my own life long before sharing them with others. 

My journey has been one of continuous exploration and growth, and I’m genuinely excited to offer these powerful tools to help you on your own path to well-being. If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to assist you on your journey.